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LESI and LES Societies around the world will be celebrating its first annual “Kid’s IP Day” this March and we invite you to join us! Our young people will impact and be the creators of our tomorrow. We believe understanding IP will be integral in their education. This special day is being organized as a tribute in memory of the late Patrick Terroir who was a long term, dedicated LES member, a former president of LES France and a mentor to many. Patrick had championed this cause and had wanted very much to organize this celebration himself for the global LESI family.

It is no surprise that we picked March 17 to celebrate (a day, quite appropriately, also celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day in many places around the world)

LES Philippines - LES Philippines (LESP) celebrated Kids IP Day with two micro workshops led by LESP Past President, Leslie Anne Cruz. The workshops were attended by children ranging from five to 47 years old. Aside from the presenting the slide deck, the children’s attention was captivated by the use of “props” relevant to the times (READ: ROBLOX, MINECRAFT, LEGO, rubbing alcohol spray bottles, protective goggles, face shields, PRESTON, AirPods, Chanel ballet flats and a UV light bag, among others). Smiles and wide-eyes were evident around the table when the business of licensing was discussed – particularly, the potential to engage in a start-up and to cash in on their intellectual property. It was an afternoon of children giggling culminating with whispers among themselves and to their parents: “What’s that? Patent? Trademark? Or copyright?

Please share our common slide deck with young people in your lives. Click here for more details.

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