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LESP celebrates LES Kids IP Day 2022 with micro workshops

For the second year, LES Philippines (LESP) celebrated LES Kids IP Day with two micro workshops led by LESP Past President, Leslie Anne Cruz. The workshops were attended by elementary school children and collaterally, by their parents, who took an interest in the various types of intellectual property discussed. Leslie presented current examples – the iPad, ROBLOX, Minecraft, Zoom, The Reebok Pump, a UV disinfectant apparatus, among others - to captivate the attention of the children. It was fascinating how the parents actively participated in the discussions as well, relating the teachings to their respective businesses, and shared practical examples and stories. This year, the children were riveted by the topic of intellectual property infringement and how sometimes, infringers end up on the winning end of the spectrum. With the questions posed by the children, it felt like episodes of “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”! Definitely, the information exchange went both ways, as the adults also learned from the children!

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